Support Generation

Let’s walk through best practice for designing supports. There are three major things you need to consider when designing supports:

  1. Will the model print? Are all the overhangs supported and is the model stable.
  2. How easy will it be to post-finish? Can I remove all the supports easily and with minimal post-finishing

  3. How does your material behave? Depending on which casting resin you use, you may have to alter the number of supports.


To minimise post-finishing you should orientate the model so that detailed features are facing upwards in Print Studio. With rings this typically means printing them standing up on their band. This is also the most efficient way to print rings as you can fit more into the build volume.

Support Contact Area:

The support contact area should be small to minimise any blemishes on the model, I recommend a radius of 0.1-0.125mm.


The base of the model should be well supported to increase its stability. In addition, any large areas of the model such as the top of a crown should also be supported with a number of supports.


Print studio will highlight overhangs on the model that need to be supported. For long edges or large flat surfaces you should space the supports around 2mm apart.

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